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Friday, September 3, 2010

Update on Sales / Fans

I sold about 30 books so far of The Fear Within. Several people have already given me rave reviews on it. My neighbor down the street loved it so much that he bought a copy for his friends, and he doesn't normally read a whole lot. He can't wait until my novel comes out.  Tonight, my parents went to one of their usual restaurants and the waitress who bought my book couldn't stop talking about it. She said she wants to be the first one to buy my novel when it comes out.


I love the attention and I love the fans. It's too bad the publishers can't see through my writing and see how much work I've been doing to promote it.

My novel, When Angels Sing, will be out as soon as I can get everything together. I still have a query in to one more agent and one more publisher; however, I also have photos for the cover art in progress to go ahead with self-publishing it. I need to wait on my editor, who is currently working on my next novel, so that I can add an edited version of an excerpt from Behind the Masque (tentative title since my editor hates this one).

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