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Monday, August 30, 2010

Virtual Book Tour Blah's and Ah's

I was really excited about starting my virtual book tour of my new book The Fear Within; however, it wasn't as fun as I'd hoped. I only found two people offering to host me and so I asked my niece to host me on the third day. Her site is new and hasn't had visitors yet, so we'll see what happens. My blog will host myself on the fourth day. :-)

Well, Day One came and went. The host, Broad Universe, who assured me would have me up there on the 29th, let me down. Either they had technical difficulties or the blog mistress was out sick, but I checked all day and my interview never went up. I had promoted the first link on my book tour too. It was a bit upsetting. I emailed the blog mistress several times yesterday and never got a response. If she gets back with me and I go up on their site this week, I'll send the link around again.

Today is Day Two. My second host had me online last night already. I posted a comment first thing this morning and yes, I already had another comment from last night. This is cool. I hope I get a few more comments. The day is early yet, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Tomorrow, I'll be up at Dial EM For Mystery.

I was also supposed to be Author of the Week at I-Virtual Assist Book Tours, I sent her a brief bio and links to my book tour. When I checked the site today, I'm not author of the week, but my book cover is shown on the Authors on Tours page with a link to my virtual tour page. Oh well.

No matter what, this is a huge learning experience for me. I hope to re-do the virtual book tour when my supernatural thriller novel comes out in a couple of months. Anyone willing to host me then, please let me know. Thanks.

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