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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lessons I Learned

Never ask family to HELP you promote your book.

Last month I asked one of my nieces and one of my nephews to help me distribute 400 postcards to the neighborhood announcing my book, The Fear Within. I offered to take them to the movies as payment. Everything was cool for awhile too, except I forgot one thing. Certain members of my family are just never satisfied with the simple things in life. They always want more and don't care how they get it.

What do I mean?

Well, my niece and nephew decide to ditch me on the movies and go with their friends instead. Okay, so that's fine, right? No biggie. After I got over the upset, I told them I'd pay them instead. The price of an afternoon movie over here is $4.75, so I offered to give them $5.00 each. However, they had only done half the postcards so I asked if they would come over and do the rest with me.

Now, remember, I had asked them to help me as a favor. I wasn't HIRING them to do a job for me. I did just as much of the work as they did, if not more, delivering the postcards, plus I made dinner for them that day (which they had at least a couple of helpings of) and me and my other niece treated them to the dairy queen for dessert.

Well, I get this nasty message from my niece via Facebook telling me that I wasn't paying them enough to come over and finish the job and that they had no idea they were going to be doing ALL the work.

I thought we had come to an agreement on everything, but the greed took control and they wanted a lot more. By my count, they expected at least $30 worth of payments just for doing half the work. If they had come back and helped some more, I'm guessing they would have expected $60.

It gets even worse.

After I got this nasty message, I didn't want to get any more, so I put up a block for them so they couldn't message me.  Apparently, this put them and their parents over the edge and they went pyscho on me.

Let me explain.

Their parents signed up for the Kids Bowl Free family package this summer. It cost $25 for 4 adults and any number of kids. Me and my other niece joined with them and paid our dues. I went out and got a bowling ball, shoes, bag, and glove. It cost me a small fortune to be able to bowl this summer. It was working out great too. We went at least once a week and I was just starting to improve.

With only one more month for bowling under this package, I was suddenly removed from the bowling list. When asked what happened, I was told that they removed me because I blocked them from Facebook. This was very upsetting, considering I paid to be able to bowl and they decided I bowled enough and deleted me from the package without refunding the money I had paid them.

If they thought this exchange was fair, they have lost their mind. They didn't pay to be able to send messages to me on Facebook. It was a free deal. However, I paid to bowl and they cut me off, without even telling me. Imagine my shock when I printed out my bowling coupons to go bowling one day and I was no longer listed on it.

I fed them, treated them to a dairy queen, entertained them, let them come over anytime they wanted to use my new pool, offered to pay them for their time helping me doing half the job I asked them to, and it just wasn't enough.

Their mom (my sister) said I should pay them AND give them a free $15 book. That's $25 worth of payment right there. However, I would still be blocked from finishing out my summer bowling, which I already had paid for.

Does this seem fair to you?


Emily said...

No, not fair. It's all about greed when it comes to family. No one can be happy with what they get......they ALWAYS want more!

I wish someone would have told me I was rich. Everytime I give them something (like money), they always want more. I don't get it
:(. Why can't anything ever be good enough for them???? They have more money than me, so why are they asking for more than what I have? What kind of family does that to their own? :(

Anyways, long story short, I agree with you lol. Greedy people.

SP said...

Well, my family must think I'm rich too; unfortunately, I haven't sold enough books to be close to being rich yet lol, but just wait...someday! And then they'll be sorry when I don't share it with them. :-)