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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Money Everywhere!

Are people made of money? I thought the state of our economy was so poor these days and people are losing jobs left and right. But yet, every time I turn around, another business is raising their prices.

As far as writing is concerned, new writers shouldn't have a lot of money to toss around. I would love to attend seminars to improve my writing or marketability; however, I can't afford $250. I can barely pay my bills as is!

I would love to join a group of self-published authors who help others promote their work; however, I can't afford $375 a year (and that's just for one book). If you have two books, it costs over $400 a year.

Why does everything have to cost so much?

It seems like I'm the only one that doesn't have any money these days. Is anyone else in this boat?

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Alba said...

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