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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wii Fit Plus

I had the great pleasure of being able to try the Wii Fit Plus game a couple of months ago. Fortunately, my niece had the original Wii Fit with Balance Board, so all she had to do was purchase the Wii Fit Plus game. This updated version includes all the original Wii Fit's exercises -- yoga, stretching, aerobics, etc. However, it also includes some new ones, such as my favorite Kung Fu Rhythms, along with new jogging courses, yoga poses, and strength exercises. I also liked the additional feature that allows you to set up a profile for your pet. I added my dog, Sheba. Of course, she can't play the games (that would be silly!) lol, but it allows you to be able to weigh your pet.


Unfortunately, I have wanted to get myself a copy of this game for almost four months now. I don't have the original and I don't have my own balance board, so I wanted to purchase the Wii Fit Plus with the Balance Board for $99. No one has this item in stock. It hasn't been in stock anywhere for the past three months and I check on a weekly basis. Of course, you can't even order it online and have it shipped. Why is it not available for shipping? When will the hype die down so that this product will once again be in stock?

You can get it at places like ebay, but only if you want to pay more than the retail price. That's plain ridiculous. $99 is a lot of money already, why would I want to pay $150 or $200 from some idiot who wants to make a profit off this?

Oh well, I guess I'll either have to bide my time or just forget about ever owning a balance board game. Why don't they sell the balance boards by themselves?

So long, Wii Fit Plus :-(

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