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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Xbox Live


Anyone on Xbox Live and want to exchange gamertags? Email me at if you're interested. You can find me mostly on Gears of War 2 Guardian/Submission (sometimes on Annex/King of the Hill). I just started doing the Xbox Live thing so I'm only Level 2. I can hold my own at times (surviving throughout the match and occasionally longer than any higher level), but for the most part, I still die more than I can kill anyone :-)

I haven't gotten into Halo 3 yet. If anyone knows, is Halo 3 more than just Slayer type levels? I have more fun working on a team than trying to kill everyone in the game.

Let me know what your favorite Xbox Live games are. I'm online most of the day lately in hopes of upping my level. Hey, it's summer here and not much else to do while I'm taking a break from working and writing. :-)

Later, dudes!