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Friday, January 26, 2007

The New Club!

Okay, so I decided to listen to my peers and re-activate The Michigan Horror Writers. We are open to writers (and fans) of horror, sci fi, and fantasy (preferably dark). My aim with this group is to improve my own writing through networking as well as help others with their publishing goals. I want to see all the members have at least one published item under their belt. So why not check us out today? We're online at .


Vwriter said...

Hi Shelby:

I'm glad you decided to re-activate the Michigan Horror Writers. I noticed that there were a lot of members that were logged into the forum that might want to get active again if you contacted them by their listed email addresses and told them that the MHW was up and running again. I really have met a lot of nice people through your efforts and I'm glad you are out there working to build an awareness of the potential for our mutual genre.

SP said...

Hey Rick,

Which forum are you referring to? Any past members will have to re-register for the Michigan Horror Writer forums as I've moved servers and revamped the website. I did send an email around to all the members of the MHW letting them know we were back. If you have any more ideas for "enlisting" people into our group, you know I'm all ears. :-)